The OAI Adorations

Mu pa telai,
Tu wa melai
Tu fu tulu!
Tu fu tulu
Pa, Sa, Ga.

Qwi Mu telai
Ya Pa melai;
ū, ū, ū.
Se gu melai;
Pe fu telai,
Fu tu lu.

O chi balae
Wa pa malae;—
Ut! Ut! Ut!
Ge; fu latrai,
Le fu malai

Rel moai
Wa la pelai
Tu fu latai
Wi, Ni, Bi.


    Silence! the moon ceaseth (her motion),
    That also was sweet
    In the air, in the air, in the air!
    Who Will shall attain!
    Who Will shall attain
    By the Moon, and by Myself, and by the Angel of the Lord!

    Now Silence ceaseth
    And the moon waxeth sweet;
    (It is the hour of) Initiation, Initiation, Initiation.
    The kiss of Isis is honeyed;
    My own Will is ended,
    For Will hath attained.

    Behold the lion-child swimmeth (in the heaven)
    And the moon reeleth:—
    (It is) Thou! (It is) Thou! (It is) Thou!
    Triumph; the Will stealeth away (like a thief),
    The Strong Will that staggered
    Before Ra Hoor Khuit!—Hadit!—Nuit!

    To the God OAI
    Be praise
    In the end and the beginning!
    And may none fall
    Who Will attain
    The Sword, the Balances, the Crown!

    Word by Word Translation:

    Mu = Silence1
    Pa = The Moon2
    Telai = End3

    Tu = Who/That
    Wa = And/Also
    Melai = Sweet 

    Ā = Air4

    Tu = Who
    Fu = Will
    Tulu = Who Attained

    Pa = The Moon2
    Sa = Myself5
    Ga = The Angel6 

    Qwi = Now
    Mu = Silence
    Telai = End3

    Ya = And
    Pa = The Moon2
    Melai = Sweet

    Ū = Initiation

    Se = Kiss
    Gu = Isis
    Melai = Sweet

    Pe = Mine
    Fu = Will
    Telai = End3

    Fu = Will
    Tu = Who
    Lu = Attained

    O = Behold
    Chi = Lion-Child
    Balae = Swims

    Wa = And/Also
    Pa = The Moon2
    Malae = Reels

    Ut = (Holy) Thou7

    Ge = Triumph
    Fu = Will
    Latrai = Steals

    Le = Strong
    Fu = Will
    Malai = Staggers

    Kūt = Ra-Hoor-Khuit
    Hūt = Hadit
    Nūt = Nuit7

    Al = The God8
    OAI = OAI

    Rel = Be
    Moai = Praise

    Ti = Beginning/End

    Wa = And/Also
    La = None
    Pelai = Fall

    Tu = Who
    Fu = Will
    Latai = Attain

    Wi = Sword
    Ni = Balances
    Bi = Crown

    1 This attribution could be linked through the Hanged Man - Silence and Sacrifice, the Heart of Blood, & Harpocrates. “M” is a sound made without opening the mouth.

    2 Pa may relate to 80, the number of Yesod, יסוד. ︎

“...In the nights we will dance together, and in the morning we will go forth to war...” - The Vision and the Voice, 22nd Aethyr
    In Hebrew, פ, means “mouth.”

    3 Telai appears to be linked to Τέλος, which is translated as “end, last, goal.”

    See attributions from Liber 777.

    This may be linked to Sa’s attribution to Samekh, the Tarot card “Art”, linking to the Self just prior to Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. 

    This may be linked to Ga’s attribution to Gimel, the Tarot card “The High Priestess”, bringing wisdom down directly from Chokmah, through the Abyss, to the Holy Guardian Angel to teach us directly. The path of Gimel is arguably what taught Frater P. to cross the Abyss. 

    7These names appear to be created by taking the “Ut” syllable, meaning “Holy Thou...” and applying the first letter of the Thelemic Pantheon. 
    Thou Holy Ra-Hoor Khuit
    Thou Holy Hadit
    Thou Holy Nuit

    8Al, from the Semitic El, אל.